Cocaine Detox

Can I Do A Cocaine Detox At Home?

Deciding to quit cocaine is a significant step towards abstinence and recovery. Usually, it is advised to get professional assistance to start the cocaine detox and addiction recovery process. Anyone thinking about quitting using cocaine without going to rehab will need to consider some things first.

Withdrawing from cocaine at home without supervision can have severe symptoms for the user. A cocaine detox can also increase your chances of relapsing if you don’t have help from qualified addiction specialists.

Quitting cocaine cold turkey can bring about unpleasant behavioral and physical withdrawal symptoms such as aggression, anxiety, depression, cravings, sleepiness, and fever. Even though cocaine withdrawal symptoms are deemed milder compared to those of other drugs, they can stay on for several weeks. There can also be severe medical complications during the process.

Conducting a medical detox under the supervision of a medical professional means they can monitor any potentially lethal side effects and treat them as needed. When enrolling in a cocaine rehabilitation program, you will have a medical team and therapists available to support you during the process.

They can administer medications to alleviate the effects of the withdrawal symptoms. The treatment team is also qualified to safely address any complications resulting from underlying physical and mental health conditions. Quitting cocaine use can be challenging if you try to do it alone, so it is better to have continued support.

When you suffer from a substance abuse disorder, you must complete a comprehensive addiction treatment program. This dramatically reduces the risk of experiencing a relapse mainly because a rehabilitation program can help you build a strong support system, including substance abuse counselors, certified healthcare providers, family friends, and support groups.

After completing cocaine detox, you will still need to proceed to the next step of addiction recovery, which includes attending an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. The continued support offered in these programs can help you learn how to handle cravings, avoid relapse triggers, and deal with life challenges using healthy coping mechanisms.

Outpatient treatment programs provide cognitive behavioral therapy, which has proven beneficial to recovery. This treatment option helps to give recovering patients the tools they require to adapt their lives to overall wellness.

Risks Associated with Co-occurring Substance Use Disorders

Cocaine DetoxMost cocaine users typically abuse the drug together with alcohol, which is especially dangerous. The cocaine-alcohol combination is particularly harmful because it produces a new substance in the body known as cocaethylene. This drug can be even more dangerous and addictive than cocaine.

Additionally, people who use cocaine frequently consume more alcohol than they would otherwise. This increases their risk of alcohol poisoning. Even though some cocaine users mistakenly think that cocaine can diminish alcohol’s effects when mixed, this is not true. You may even find that alcohol is a significant trigger for cocaine cravings for most people suffering from cocaine addiction.

Some individuals with a cocaine use disorder may have little interest in using this substance unless they have taken alcohol.

Tips for Staying Healthy When Doing a Cocaine Detox at Home

When going through a cocaine detox, you must stay healthy to help alleviate some of the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. The body goes through a lot during cocaine withdrawal, so it is good to follow the following tips:

  • Use relaxation techniques to help you decrease your stress levels. You can relax and de-stress yourself during detox by engaging in any activity that helps calm you down and reduce your blood pressure. Taking a warm shower can also help. Practicing deep breathing and meditation is also beneficial.
  • Take plenty of electrolytes and water.
  • Eat a balanced diet.

Benefits of Doing a Cocaine Detox at Home

On the other hand, doing a cocaine detox at home has its benefits as opposed to a detox facility. These advantages include:

Family Support

Cocaine DetoxIf you get a home detox nurse and a treatment team, they can offer support during the withdrawal phase. Detoxing at home also allows you to get direct support from loved ones and family members, which can prepare you for the next stage of addiction treatment.

One-on-One Care

Detoxing at home can give the recovering user personal medical supervision with a home detox healthcare provider. This ensures they will receive the best care and medical management during the cocaine withdrawal and detox.

Reduce Stress

Some people may find it less stressful to go through their cocaine detox in familiar surroundings than in a treatment facility. You will also have access to supportive loved ones when you are at home.

A Sense of Privacy

Cocaine DetoxYou can get supportive medical services from home to protect your privacy during the cocaine detox if that is what you prefer. With medical supervision from qualified addiction specialists, you can go through cocaine detox discreetly as you start the recovery process.

Once you are ready to stop using cocaine, you should seek help from trusted family members and loved ones. Please speak to a medical professional immediately so they can recommend the next course of action or develop a personalized treatment program to suit your needs. First, you will need to go through a health assessment conducted by your healthcare provider to determine your overall physical and mental health status. This will determine the type of cocaine addiction treatment you should get.

The key to a successful cocaine detox at home is to get help from a medical professional or addiction specialist who can monitor your symptoms and ensure you are safe and comfortable. Reach out to treatment facilities beforehand to see if you can get at-home detox specialists or care to ensure your recovery process goes well.

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